Patrick begins the bass within the group Ghost at the beginning of the 90s with Livio and Philippe with whom he evolves in a register mainly hard rock Heavy. Tired of looking for a singer in this register, they decide to go up KORGAN in 2003 always with Livio and tthey get more Trash, Hardcore orrientation !!!!!!! After many dates such as Grillen as well as Noumatrouff making Genie Torturers's first part, the group stops are activity in 2008.
After a passage by the rock band No Comment with whom he will make more than hundred dates; we will remain the first part of Ten Years After, then Patrick returns to his first love Heavy Metal and integrate Black Hole in October, 2010. Real rhythmic wall, he assures with bubu an unbreakable bass drum rythm section!!!!!

Influences: KISS, Dragon Forces, Rage, Nightmare .......