At the age of 6, Christophe starts learning to play organ. Then, with the arrival of the digital synthesizers, he discovers new kind of sounds  and the desire to release music  sheets.  With improvisation and first compositions, he finds the real pleasure of creation.
His first rock band will be "The Lord of the ring" but the adventure will only last 2 years.
In 1993, he’s approached by the band “Oil-Len” which is looking for a keyboardist. In a progressive rock influenced by “Dream Theater”, it’s a first experience of studio recording for a first album and a great stage at the Eurockeenne festival in 1995.
In 2005, he participates in recording of the album “couleur metisse” for  Jean-Philippe Suzan, a singer produced by Francis Descamps ( ex keyboardist of the band “Ange”).
The rebirth of the band “Oil-Len”, in a more vintage rock style, allows him to express himself with a mythical instrument :  the Hammond Organ,  in the purest john lord style. The adventure goes on with studio recording and video clip.
Thereafter, Christophe is interested in the composition of symphonic music with the use of virtual instruments. So, he takes part of a first project for “BlackHole” with the composition of symphonic parts of “Fear of the dark” an Iron Maiden’s  cover song.
This collaboration in the shadows with “Black Hole” goes on and he is more involved in the composition process to finally become  an official member of the band in 2022.

 Influences:  Tuomas holopainen (Nightwish), John lord (Deep Purple), Derek Sherinian, Within temptation, Saxon, Iron Maiden, Scorpions, Accept, Brian Tyler, Damin Djawadi, Hans Zimmer …